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Minimalism is a style that has long defied the traditional fashion laws and nonetheless been timeless in doing so. You’ll never find a piece out of date, which is what makes it so perfect to introduce into your wardrobe with your own personality, no matter the budget.


Minimalism has had a boom in trend for quite a while now, let us not forget 2014’s beloved #allblackeverything, however it isn’t as simple as just putting together an outfit only consisting of only one colour and as minimalist queen, Gracia Ventus shares, it feels as though every Tom, Dick and Nancy’s wardrobe, outfits, décors and their cats are described as minimalist, simply because they are white and spars. The minimalist trend can be an eye-catching look if you let it; with the use of  perfectly executed cuts and shapes and range of colours. You must understand the trend comes with a rich history in art and its so much more complex than that.


Chloe Natasha, former Topshop, currently Urban Outfitters Visual Merchandiser and I have  stripped minimalism to its most simple form, to help introduce the trend into your wardrobe through 3 basic tips.


‘You really need to look at how your piece has been constructed,’ suggests Chloe, ‘take Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2016 key trend pieces, he really took to the anti figurative forms in both the women and men’s collection.’ Minimalism asks you to not focus on your body shape, but to look at the shapes your pieces are creating instead, these wistful and playful lines and geometric shapes consisting of little seam work can be put together to create something truly magnificent when it falls on the body.


Lucas Nascimento S/S14 SOURCE: VOGUE

As Ventus regards “Minimalism seeks to challenge perception of space and matter, ensure purity of design, and to reduce form to its cogent, accessible essence.” Lucas Nascimento is someone to admire, his designs are the perfect epitome to this, take his Spring/Summer collections above, comprised of innovative layers and experimentation’s, a man who truly appreciates his materials, the fuss free seam work with perfectly executed cuts create strong shapes to the female body. This is what you want to look for in the materials you see around you. Maybe you won’t be popping into your shopping center next week to purchase a Nascimento piece yourself, but there are plenty of examples of materials being pushed to their boundaries if you just look in the right places.

construction everyday



Chloe remarked ‘It feels as though, whilst the trends had its boom and… amongst all the hype, everyone’s forgotten the importance of fabrics?’ I can not stress enough how much fabric choices can effect your outfit, Chloe goes on to say ‘hard battered leather can really compliment the soft chiffon, they can really create a beautiful relationship, regardless of them being the same colour or not, the soft fall can really work well to embrace the hard structured fabrics.’ I’ve often found myself playing dress up, experimenting with the most bizarre couplings, but that’s where some of my favourite looks have came from.



‘Post-minimalism is a favourite of mine, look at how far we’ve come, we’re constantly challenging these materials and shapes specifically made for specific occasions or ideals and we’re taking them completely away from that… to places they shouldn’t be. Take our sportswear fabrics! They’re being used as high end casual wear pieces, turned into lingerie pieces and even integrated into work wear, and of course I’m talking about the likes of Calvin Kliens sports wear. It’s being sold through the nose at my stores, ever since Kendall became the new face, I can’t imagine the £60 set being worn to the gym… can you?’ Sportswear has really came into play this year, take the second example above. The neckline originally meant for the gym is being challenged and made into a structured linen dress falling on top of a sleeveless shirt, that’s how you experiment with your fabrics.


‘Minimalism is not just white and black!’ Chloe couldn’t get these words out of her mouth quicker if she tried, I couldn’t help but laugh ‘What’s more, just because they’re the only two colours you seem to own, that doesn’t make you a minimalist.’


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Minimalism is so accessible, if done right no one can ever doubt your outfit. If you truly look back into minimalism and its history (here’s a snippet of it and some great examples to go by) you’ll quickly learn how precious each piece still is, each is timeless. The colours you experiment with, play such a big role in this.



INTO MIND have a superb feature on how to choose palettes best suited to you. Above is an an example of a palette one may choose to begin their collection with. Minimalism is a great way to reflect you personality and specific skin tones are just made for colours such as peach, unfortunately that is not me, but it should be in every way be embraced and introduced into your collection alongside the right neutrals of course.


Clyde Work Pant by Elizabeth Suzann. Black slouchy pants with elasticated waist, deep pockets and seam detail. (Made in US):


Minimalism is my one true love. It’s a head turner of a trend that’s for sure, regardless of it being executed through clean cut basics or dramatic shapes, whether it be high end or high street, everyone will always admire the look. That’s what makes the trend so accessible, but by truly utilizing the three guidelines to minimalism, and adapting it to suit you personally, that is what will set you apart from the crowd and keep you on top of the trend.




In a whirlwind of rainbow lace and jewelled jacquards, frills and feathers and charms, whilst the minimalists come out to play it seemed Rodolfo Paglialunga was given the hardest task of all to stay true to the founder’s codes of being plain. Alas of course he went above and beyond with creating magnificent pieces using the most spectacular materials to create both sophisticated and minimalist looks, and for the he could be no less than the favourite for this seasons Milan Fashion Week.




This was Armani at his most elegant and subdued, he really revived his silhouettes with the cropped pants, long coats and cropped jackets. The fall show was named ‘black velvet’ and there is nothing that could have been more fitted, the reworked fabric worked gloriously with the prints, which walked effortlessly coherent throughout the show. The cocoon coat was a favourite and back, more over sized and glamorous as ever, paired with the simple wide leg black velvet trousers. The accessories and shoes were perfected (would they be any less than perfect?) and the shoes gave the heeled pointed toe boot a story of their own.





Gucci was an explosion of freedom for the young, as the great Anna Wintour shared, ‘the collection really went against what we’re used to seeing traditionally in Milan.’

New director, Alessandro Michele took to a bold move and completely revamped the collection not long before the runway and boy, did he do good. The show was quintessentially British and that showed through every piece to walk down the runway. Nothing was short of bold and optimism, the jaunty berets and tank-top knits, androgynous crumpled tailoring and studious specs, and most of all Michele took to a nod to the blurred gender lines in his work. It’s certainly a new chapter for Gucci and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the brand.