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Should you leave this blog with only one thing, let it be this; Z-DAY. The day in which Zara receives its new stock.

For anyone betrothed to fashion, you may expect this to come seasonally. Four times a year, correct? Just like any other high street store, or even, like any other high fashion store… But oh no, the very contrary, it comes not once a week, but twice.

That’s right. Zara gives us fashion slaves an exquisite 104 seasons to look forward to. It’s no wonder the Spanish retail giant is at the forefront of fast fashion; no other company can quite hit the carbon copies of the catwalk replicas like Zara do so quickly. On average most retailers garments hit shop floors within 6 months, Zara’s hit our shopping bags just 3 weeks later. They produce over 30,000 gems of garments a year.

Which is why their devoted customers visit their store 6x more than their competitors, because exactly how else do we keep up with their latest designs?

Anyone who holds their own Zara loafers close to their hearts, closer than Wintour and her Manolo’s, understands that despite being a fast fashion champion, there is nothing short of quality in their products. Having created a vertically integrated business model, most of their clothing is manufactured inhouse, limiting outsourcing. Their magical global distribution centre moves 2.5 million items per week, and no item remains warehoused for more than 72 hours.

And for those who are ethically inclined (which should be every one of you) will be pleased to know that any outsourcing is done in poorer eu countries, rather than the developing world, thus helping them to move forward economically too.

So now you know of the magical day, the next step is to find out which days you can highlight in your Filofax diaries… simply ask your Zara sales advisor and you’ll have it!